Flat Irons in the Fall

2011 Boulder Summer Conference on
Consumer Financial Decision Making

Getting to Boulder




 Three means of getting to the conference hotel (The St. Julien) in Boulder  are by renting a car and driving, taking the Boulder SuperShuttle, or taking the public bus service (RTD). Below is information on each.

1. RENTAL CAR. If you will be renting a car at DIA and driving to the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder, there is a toll route, but don’t go that way; you need a special transponder in your car for EZ Pass toll payment that the rental car companies don't provide. Instead, use this link (DIA to Boulder map) for a map that shows the nontoll road route (50 minutes in no traffic, maybe 1.5 hours in traffic). Ignore the specific driving directions provided by the Google Map. It is much more complex than necessary inside the airport and once you get into Boulder. Just follow signs to "Airport Exit" to get out of the airport and onto Peña Boulevard. Continue until you reach I-70 west. Take I-70 west to the I-270 north exit toward Fort Collins. Follow I-270 north to the U.S. Hwy 36 west exit, toward Boulder. Continue on Hwy 36 to Boulder. Highway 36 turns into 28th Street once inside Boulder. It is hard to get lost in Boulder because the mountains are always to the west. 28th street is a major North-South street to the east of the St. Julien. Take 28th Street to Canyon Blvd., take a left (west, toward the mountains) on Canyon Blvd. Continue west on Canyon Blvd. to 9th Street, take a right on 9th Street, then take your first right on Walnut Street. The hotel entrance will be on your right. Here is a map that shows these directions to the St Julien once Highway 36 turns into 28th Street.

2. BOULDER SHUTTLE. Another way to get to the St. Julien Hotel is by the Boulder Supershuttle. This service will pick you up at DIA and take you to the St. Julien Hotel, and take you from the Hotel back to the Airport. At the time of preparing this document, the Boulder Supershuttle website had not been updated to show that they pick up and drop off at the St. Julien, but the St. Julien says they do and a confirmation phone call to Boulder Supershuttle (303) 227-0000 verified this.

3. TOWN CAR. Contact the St. Julien Concierge Desk to set up a town car to pick up hotel guests.  The cost is $120 including gratuity each way, with the advantage being that the trip takes 45 minutes instead of the hour and a half (estimated time of Supershuttle). 

4. TAXI. The cost of a taxi is about $100.00 not including gratuity.

5. RTD BUS. A third way to get between DIA and Boulder is by bus (RTD). Here is the RTD schedule between DIA and Boulder. (Note the pickup locations at DIA.) The "West Bound" link on this website shows the final destination in Boulder at the RTD bus terminal at the intersection of 14th Street and Walnut. This is very close to the St. Julien. If you walk five blocks west on Walnut Street, you are at the St. Julien.

Please see the map at this link [Need to revise this] to see where the St. Julien is relative to places we will eat and drink during the conference. You can click on the little icons to see when we will be at each location.


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